We the Bangladeshi nationals or once nationals and the Bangladeshi descendants living in South Australia have a strong interest to establish a platform for us and our next generation where everyone can maintain and practice their Hindu beliefs & traditions, cultural heritage, language and community spirit. In our desire we also wish to share our Bengali Cultural and Hindu ideological beliefs to other community members to build harmonious social bondage within the Australian Multicultural Society Framework.

The vision of the Society is to excel in everything we do to uphold the puja and culture for our next generation. The core motto of the Society “A Journey with Passion and Respect for our Culture and Values” is to focus all the objectives and the purpose of the Society in a single statement. The statement encourages contribution from all members to work together with passion and respect to each other to achieve the objectives and purpose of the Society.
The mission for the members of the Society is:
• To prioritise community interest first above personal interest.
• To respect other members and their views.
• To maintain harmonious relationships with other community people beyond the Society members
• To maintain Societal integrity with trustworthiness, honesty and tolerance with other members of the Society.

The objectives of the Society are:

(1) the Society shall be a non-profitable and non-political organisation;
(2) to promote values of Bengali culture, tradition and Hindu teaching of tolerance and co-existence with other communities;
(3) to regularly organise puja and other Hindu religious activities, cultural programs, sporting events, social gatherings, seminars, teaching of Bengali language, and other educational activities;
(4) to liaise with other community associations and societies to exchange views, experience and share common heritage by jointly organising social and cultural events;
(5) to liaise with Australian Federal Government, State &/or Territory Government, Local Government, and Non Government Organisations to serve the common interests of Bangladeshi people residing in South Australia;
(6) to publish and circulate Society news, journals, periodicals, books, booklets, leaflets, etc in printing form or in websites which the Society may consider to further its objectives; Constitution of Bangladesh Puja and Cultural Society of South Australia (BPCSSA);
(7) to provide logistical and other assistance to new or recent arrivals from Bangladesh in settling in Australia;
(8) to carry out any other activities the Society may deem fit to enhance its objectives.